Time For Street Shopping

We all just love to shop. There are so many varieties and brands available in the market. But no one can beat the fun of street shopping. And if you are really stopping in Delhi for the first time, then just not waste your time. Carry a bag and enjoy some cool and sauce stuff from these markets.

Kamla Nagar Market:
Kamla Nagar Market lies in North Delhi. It is one of a major street shopping center. It has a huge variety of clothes, bags, jewellery, footwear, and what not. The market also has some branded stores and a mall. To reach Kamla Nagar, you can take an Auto or can either use your own Vehicle. As the market has a central parking slot. And the main point is that the shopkeepers are not really willing to bargain. The prices starts from INR 150/-


Source: Google

Rani Bagh Market:
Rani Bagh Market is situated in Pitampura and in the areas of Northwest Delhi. This Market lies in an Urban area, but is best suitable for street shopping. The market also has a shopping Mall like M2K Pitampura. This Market also has a huge variety of Indian And Western wear. But the market does not enjoy a direct connectivity from Delhi Metro. You can either book an Auto or a Cab for yourself. Here also the shopkeepers do not bargain alot.


Source: Google

Sarojani Nagar Market:
The most known Market of South West Delhi, District of Delhi. You can reach this Market by deboarding from INA metro station and take an Auto which will cost INR 10/- per person. The market as a huge variety of Western tops, footwear, jewellery, etc. The shopkeepers bargain alot. You just have to be good at your bargaining skills. You can even get branded clothes from Zara, H$M and you just name it, at a very cheap rate. The market is better known for “Fashion On Budget”.


Source: Google

Janpath Market:
Janpath Market is one of the central market lies in Cannaught Place, Delhi. The market also enjoys a direct connectivity of Delhi Metro Station. You have have to deboard at Janpath Metro Station and it’s just a 5 minutes walking distance. The market has a huge variety of clothes, jewellery and a lot of food stalls. When you enter this Market, make sure to enjoy your bargaining skills. And once you are done with your shopping, you can even enjoy the beauty of Delhi nearby.


Source: Google

Lajpat Nagar:
This Market lies in the South district of Delhi. The market somewhere lies in between the Jangpura and Moolchand Metro Stations, Violet Line. The market has more of branded clothes and you can still enjoy your street shopping. The shopkeepers do not bargain alot. The market is also famous for it’s food items like Momos and Lemon Corns. It has also a big variety of Girl’s tops and footwear. College girls should stop in to this Market and enjoy some cool stuff.


Source: Google

So enjoy your shopping time and let us know how well did it helped you.


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